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Team Auditions

Why join a team?


Being a member of a team is the best way to get to know people

within the dance society! It's also a great way to improve at your

chosen dance styles and get more involved with the society. Our

focus is always on having fun and trying to involve everyone from

new members to ones that  have dance with the society for years.




What does being in a team involve?


Throughout the year team members will rehearse weekly for intermediate teams and twice weekly for advanced teams to produce a dance. This dance will be the one the team performs at competitions. Each team has a captain who has already been preselected and are a member of the committee, you can meet them here. The captains will be the one holding the audions and will choose who they want in their team at the audition, they will also be the one who organises team socials and generally organises the team. During second semester teams will compete at competitions against other universities at competitions. These are held at weekends and involve a day of competing followed by a social and are always the highlight of our year. Joining a team is a big commitment and we do expect our members to come to all rehearsals, but don't let that scare you off as they are so much fun!




How to join


We are holding auditions on 8th, 10th, 11th & 12th October 2017. At the classes

leading up to the audtion you will be taught a routine to perform in

the audtion. On the audtion day just turn up and you will be given

a number and asked to perform in small groups. At the end of the

audition the team members will be announced.


Sun 8th Oct

Tues 10th Oct

Wed 11th Oct

Thurs 12th Oct


Hipnotic Advanced Street 










Kinetic Intermediate Street







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